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    Careful in the mangroves.

    From the local paper here, The Keynoter.

    Girl recovers from PWC injuries

    A Broward County girl, 16, was recovering from a severe eye injury this week after her personal watercraft ran into mangroves Dec. 29 in Tavernier.

    Amber Griffin was flown to mainland medical facilities after a mangrove branch impaled her in the eye socket, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report.

    A passenger on the borrowed Yamaha Waverunner, Jenna Pompa, 17, was treated and released from Mariners Hospital. Pompa reportedly suffered scrapes and bruises.

    Griffin was operating the watercraft on the bayside of Tavernier Creek around 2 p.m. Dec. 29, said Bobby Dube, FWC information officer.

    The Waverunner reportedly was traveling about 25 mph when it swerved to avoid an anchored boat in a shallow channel off the creek. The boat crashed into the mangroves, when the branch hit Griffin in the eye. Her injuries were described as serious but not life-threatening.

    Warnings were issued for careless operation, and for a minor operating a vessel without proof of boater education.

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    Thanks for the input

    Yeah, that kind of thing can easily happen. I always wear fairly
    protective sunglasses or goggles with impact resistant polycarbonite

    Hopefully one of the benefits of the new Jetski club will be the passing
    around of good info on safety devices we should all consider.

    The younger you are the more immortal you feel. In my case I don't
    order desert in restaurants anymore........may not be there when
    it arrives! (that's an old George Burns joke btw!)

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    Good news, believe it or not.

    PWC accident

    Free Press Staff

    TAVERNIER — After crashing a Jet Ski into the mangroves and having a branch lodge into her eye, a 16-year-old Broward County girl is making what her father said is an amazing recovery from the Dec. 29 incident.
    Amber Griffin apparently will not lose her eyesight or her eye as some officials had feared and was moved last Wednesday from the Intensive Care Unit at Ryder Trauma Center in Miami to a private room, according to her father, Bob Griffin.
    "She'll probably be in here a few weeks, but everything that has happened can be fixed and she's already up walking around," he said. "It's a miracle, and although she'll need other surgeries, she has 20-20 vision and is doing spectacularly."
    Griffin was driving a Jet Ski she borrowed from a friend, with 17-year-old Jenna Pompa riding on the back, and cutting through the mangroves to get to the main channel of Tavernier Creek, said Officer Robert Dube, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman.
    "They were going approximately 25 mph when they observed an anchored fishing vessel and rather than hit the boat, they went into the mangroves about 10 to 15 feet," he said of the 2 p.m. crash.
    Both teens, who were vacationing in the Florida Keys, were ejected, and a branch broke off and impaled Griffin's eye socket.
    A Good Samaritan brought the two girls to the marina and EMS took them to Mariners Hospital, where Griffin was flown by helicopter to Miami, Dube said.
    "I know she's doing a lot better. I have everyone praying for her," said Pompa, who was released from Mariners Hospital after being treated for scrapes and bruises.
    Alcohol was not a factor in the crash, but Griffin will be issued a warning for careless operation and driving a personal watercraft without a boater identification card.

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