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    key in one long beep !!!help

    this is the second part to my last thread. when put the landyard in it just beeps once and the cluster comes on. but no cranking. if i jump the starter silonoid the ski cranks.i have tried two landyards same result if i umplug the ecu upon plugging back in it beeps once i checked all fuses which are good . this all started after cranking motor with no plugs any help would be great thanks again

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    Wierd, I know they give a long beep if the key isn't in properly, doubt thats the problem, being that you've tried different keys its probably not salt of other gunk in the key. I'll call one of my friends, he's a mechanic at a dealership down here.

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    (Obviously) it is a problem with the DESS system, not the engine since it cranks over when you jump start it. All I can advise is what's written in the manual.
    1) There is a bad connection with the key, reconnect it over the post.
    2) It's a defective key, unlikely as you have tried another.
    3) The DESS post is defective or the wiring is defective, in which case you should go to your dealer.

    So it looks like a trip to the dealer is in your future.

    Good luck! Btw, what year is the ski?

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    the ski is a 2006

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    This could be some kind of fail safe code or something as the machine was cranked with no plugs. My neighbour is a Sea-doo mechanic and he told me the other day that if you crank them over with throttle at WOT the ski automatically goes in to "Learner mode" and won't go over 30mph. Unfortunatley he is away on vacation until next Sunday but I would try this.....Disconnect the battery, both positive and negative for 5 minutes and then reconnect them, negative first. then try to start it, this should clear any kind of error code/lockout mode etc that may be preventing the machine from starting.
    If no luck, pm me next week and I'll ask my neighbour.

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    i have tried unhooking battery but nothing

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    Have a new key programmed. If that doesn't work, its the DESS system.

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    your key is bad. or the computer lost the key. have you dealer reprogram a key and see if that works.

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    Yup, I`d try a new key, at least get it hooked up to buds, you`d need that anyhow to activate key...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyGPR View Post
    Yup, I`d try a new key, at least get it hooked up to buds, you`d need that anyhow to activate key...PR...

    Did you get a fix for this, what was it, i am having a similar problem with 02 GTX DI. Le me know


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