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    jet ski diagnosis

    Hey guys,
    This is my first post but I have been lurking around here since spring. Anyway I need some opinions from you all.
    First of all I have reviewed numerous posts thru the search function but have not found an answer that satisfies me.
    So... I have a 2000 GP 1200, Been sitting for a while when I got it 2 years ago with only 23 hrs on the ski. Rode it numerous times with no problems whatsoever, ran great. Last time I had it out in September I was running down the lake and without warning, it was like a switch was flipped and it just died. Would not start back just clicked. Had ran fine up until then. No warning. Got towed back, how humbling, and looked at fuses and tested my batt. Battery was weak and would not accept charge. So, I bought a battery and it starts up after some coaxing, but didn't sound right. I did a compresssion test and got the following #1 cyl- 0! #2 cyl- 100 # 3 cyl 100. Well I'm new to 2 stroke engines but I know from working on V8's that's problem. So, What do you figure I'm dealing with here? Could it be as simple as a blown head gasket, or more than likely a possible loss of oil distribution and siezed up. I know there is now way to know for sure with out cracking it open, but I was curious what the general concensous might be. From reading posts here I can tell there are some sharp guys on here, just wished some of you lived closer! Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I'm afraid all I have now is a really nice trailer!

    Thanks for reading,


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    Welcome to the forums.
    You have squeeked/seized the piston on #1. Unfortunately the motor (min. at least #1) is going to need to be torn apart.
    You really won't know the extent of the damage until you pull the head and take a look. Take some pics and post them up. You'll get more advice than you'll know what to do with.

    It could have been caused by many things. The most common are:
    -oil line popping off
    -gummed up carbs
    Good Luck

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    Man that was fast Thanks. Love this forum. Reminds me of my Camaro forum, fast, factual info.
    I kinda figured it was gonna be a piston/bore issue, just needed someone to break the news to me. Time to start wrenching. Atleast it's too cold to ride here in Va for now.


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    Welcome Va Boy!! You have to get that head off to know the extent of the damage. The cylinders are aluminum and and plated some times you get lucky and the plating is still good other times not. zero compression sounds like something has a hole in it. with just a squeaked piston you can usually get some compression. Pull the head post up the info or some pics and we can definitely help.

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    Thanks fo the help. I'm gonna try and get the head off in the next week or two. Sounds like it could be expensive!

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    YEAH that sounds like your #1 piston has a hole in it. Been there done that with my old 99 gp.

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    If you don't mind me asking, what did it cost you?

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    Cost break down piston only $115 for a kit
    Scarred cylinder needs re-nic $200
    Dropped power valve pick them up used $30
    Gaskets another $100 or more if needed some can be re-used.
    These are just quick estimates based on past dollars I have spent.

    Best case is scored piston wall of cylinder will clean-up with acid. worst case add up above. Extreme worse case is a crank issue. Get the head off and get some pics post em up

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    Thank's so much fo the info. This forum is great. That parts break down is actually better than I had expected. I've rebuilt some 2 stroke dirt bikes and may give this a shot as well. I'll get her apart and see just what we are dealing with.

    Thanks again really appreciate all the info


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    Welcome VA Boy. I was in the same boat (no pun intended), with only bike rebuild experience, and a little outboard work under my belt. The guys on here make it all very painless (even prices of parts aren't that bad, especially used stuff). The Yam 2 strokes are very easy to work on, (it's not the 'black art' the dealers want you to believe it is!) and even the manual is fairly easy to understand! (Download it from this site, and it's free!). You'll have no problems with the mechanical bits, and you'll get support all the way. I did the lots of stuff on my XL 1200 Ltd, and got loads of advice and info on the bits I couldn't work out for myself! Good luck.

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