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Thread: Drive coupling

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    Drive coupling

    What's the best way to remove the drive coupling from the crank? I have 2 to do one in the case still and one out.

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    one way to do it would be wait till the cases are split, then hold the crank in a vice (soft jaws) by the journels nearest to coupler to reduce twist through crank,then a two foot bar/extension through the coupler left to right as a handle

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    My main concern is not to break/damage the coupling and cases as I'm getting new cranks.
    I'll try the 2 foot extension.

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    I do like Paul said and I hold the crank in a vice nearest the coupler. Wrap a rag around the crank. Then I use a coupler removal tool and a 1/2" drive breaker bar. I have not had one yet that would not come apart with this method.

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