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    Hi All, Im the new guy w/a question

    Id first like to say Ive been poking around this forum a few days now & am impressed by the professionalism & knowledge. Now here comes the question. I have a modded 06' 660 Rhino thats being wooped by the new Polaris RZR's. NOT HAVVING IT. So, I also have a few 97' 787's & a 95' 650 watercraft engine waiting for one to be transplanted. Undoubtably a 787 for h.p. not simplity reasons. Ive already obtained a Polaris Sportsman 4x4 Gear Box, Secondary clutch (500 H.O.), drive shafts etc. Crankshop Twin Pipes. All three of these engines I removed from wrecks , so I have everything pertaining to them like electronics etc. Woops--I said heres the question didnt I ? OK-- How to attach a drive clutch to a watercraft crank via adapter or what not, minus swapping in a sled crank. If need be , I will , but just looking for a more cost effective way. Anyone dealt with or heard of this ? Who makes a threaded clutch or something like a 30 degree threaded end ? I dunno. ????? Thanks in advance--Proflow
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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!! Not sure if it would work but you might be able to use a polaris watercraft drive shaft coupler. Wich attaches to the crank and will alloy a use of a polaris driveshaft. This would be a start.

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    Yep, I see what your saying. I have all those parts too. Actually the coupler & shaft from an xp 800. Still need a clutch though. Otherwise that engagement from nuetral to drive would be a killer ! Be kinda nice to have the little bit of "sponge" not to shock the drivetrain as much. Thanks & keep those ideads comming guys, she'll be the RZR KILLER ! ----Proflow
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    Anyone have a junk skidoo, polaris , or cat sled crank I could use the tapered end from ? I'll take it to a machine shop & have it threaded. Then collar the two together w/red locktight ! Just a thought---thanks----Proflow

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    You might want to post this in the polaris section. Lots of great guys there that also own sleds ant atv's.

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    If I understand right,your looking to attach a Primary style clutch (like a snowmobile's) to the Polaris Crank. I think I would try a call Comet Clutches and see if the can make one with a custom inner sleave that's threaded.Or you might find one used that fits a small tapered crank and have it bored and tapped to fit the pwc threads.I don't think using the stock couple with a end off a sled would be to good,The clutch being that far away would never stay inline without bending something.Back in '83 yamaha had a crank with a pressed pto end on it and they were blowing them out of the sides,the fix that finally worked was adding a support bearing out board the clutch.
    I'll see if I can get a admin to move this to the Polaris side for more help.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Im with ya Keddano, & thanks for the welcome RX951. I'll give Commet a call tomorrow & see what they say. Cant wait to get this one together ! Thanks---Proflow

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    You may want to do a few sums on RPM's .There may be a need for a ratio box which you could encorporate a centrifugal drive in to get you where you need to be


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    I bought a Polaris 4x4 gear box ,H.O. secondary clutch, box brkts & both drivelines off e-bay. Should work well. -----Proflow

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