So tonight at the gym I decided to grapple with this guy that I normally work out with. Much stronger than I am, but I still thought with some of the grappling skills I had I could take him. I decided to give him top, side mount control to start with. I ended up back on my feet with him with in seconds, felt good knowing that I got out of his side control and back on my feet. Then we locked up and I decided to clip the back of his leg, but I forgot one important move before I did that, underhooks. Plus this guy has tree trunks for legs. I couldn't trip him down, but he did trip me, so I was back on my back. Then the next thing I know, he does a circle around me. Bastard was fast and I have always said speed will beat power any day of the week, except he posses both over me. I ended up getting him in the half guard, we rolled for a bit, then he went for an arm bar. But couldn't get it and at the end I had to give cause I was gassed out. I find out later he use to wrestle and is currently doing the mma style of fighting. I don't feel bad losing to him as it was a great learning experience for me. He's in great shape and if I hadn't gassed out, who knows. I was almost back on top of him but to be honest, I'd been like some of those guys in the ufc once they get on top. I'd just laid on him, hahahaha. I have a lot more respect now for those guys that grapple in the UFC. Its true, if your not in top condition, then you have no Fing chance in hell in winning. We plan on grappling together every week. I hope to build my stamina up over the next few months to stay up with him. But alas, my first loss in grappling and I'll tell ya, I have no shame in it as I know what these guys mean by great learning experience. I have had many a grappling fights, but never against someone of his calibur. So to you guys out there watching UFC thinking oh man keep going, do this do that, sometimes ya just gas out. Thought I'd share this with some of you guys. My adrenaline is still pumping over the match and I can't wait for next weeks.