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    2004 Polaris General Model Info

    Found this online...

    Polaris has 8 models for 2004, from the Octane stand up to the new MSX 150. The MSX 150 and 110 both have turbocharged 4 stroke 2 cylinder engines, while the rest have 2 or 3 cylinder 2 strokes. The MSX models have the horsepower matching their number, and the turbo models have a boost gauge. Instead of copying the other makers 3 or 4 cylinder engines, Polaris built a 2 cylinder engine for a superior horsepower to weight ratio and it has a closed loop cooling system to keep weeds and silt out of the engine.

    The Genesis i has 135 hp, it's engine is a bit smaller than the one in the MSX 140. The Virage's and Freedom all have 2 cylinder engines, the Virage i is fuel injected and produces 100 hp with a 777cc engine, while the Virage and Freedom have a 701cc 95 hp engine with a single carb. I like this engine for it's simplicity and lots of room in the engine compartment.

    The Octane has a two cylinder 777cc 100 hp powerplant which comes standard with a Factory Pipe exhaust. Interesting, it is the only carburated model with 2 carbs, the Virage and Freedom only have one. All other models have fuel injection. All models have a 5 or 6 vane impeller except for the Octane which has a 12 vane.

    The Gensis i 4 seater is the only 131 inch hull. The three MSX models share a 126 inch hull, and the Freedom and Virage's have a smaller 120.3 inch hull, but all are 3 seaters. Polaris does not make a 2 seater. Weight capacities are interesting, the small hull has a 565 pound capacity and the MSX's have 685-690, but the 4 seater Genesis i only has a 625 pound capacity.

    Dry Weight: As you would expect, the Genesis i is the heaviest at 735 pounds. The MSX models are similar in weight, but the 140 is about 20 pounds heavier with it's 3 cylinder engine. The Virage's and Freedom all weigh about 600 pounds, with the Freedom the lightest. The Octane is 330 pounds.

    Only the MSX models have the ESP off throttle steering system. Only the Freedom and Octane lack reverse, and the Genesis i is the only one with electric reverse.

    The MSX models have a siphon bilge pump, while the others have electrics.
    Regular gas is ok for all models, but Polaris recommends 92 octane for the MSX 140.

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    im just gonna love when a couple years pass atleast the 150's gotta be a little cheaper

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