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Thread: 230 wake/wake

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    230 wake/wake

    Thinking about test driving/riding a wake 230. I am an intermediate wakeboarder throwing an occasional-inconsistent invert. Does anyone have any input regarding the wake size/shape? Is it possible to wake surf behind this machine? Any concerns regarding reliability of the 430hp? Thanks.

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    I'll try to help a bit even if my knowledge of the Wake model is limited.

    For the wake, i know they have a 'fat sac' which is a big ballast bag that can be filled with water, thus creating a bigger wake, but how much...? I couldn't tell. And for the 430HP reliability...i'd say like you can find it here, the best first move you want to make is to throw away the crappy ceramic clutch washers that are inside the Supercharger unit....and replace them with some metal ones (Riva or Greenhulk)purchased from Jerry here, he's got the 4tecperformance online store and when you buy from him, you actually support the forum here also.

    For the rest of the engine...everything is fine...but do not delay on the supercharger washers, as these can cost you much if they break, the parts will go through you engine lubrification system....not good.

    Hope this helped you a bit.

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    well im assuming they wouldnt call it a WAKE boat if it didnt make wakes??

    my friend has one and it is awesome, i dont even wakeboard and it is awesome. i kinda wana try this summer but anyways no matter if you are cruisin with friends or whatever you will def. have a great time with either wake boat. my friend has the smaller of the two

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    Seadoo has a ski from a couple years ago -- the GTX 155 Wake Edition. It sure as hell doesn't make wakes worth anything.

    Anyhow, what Jeepster is saying is right. Get metal washers for the supercharger ASAP if you purchase a supercharged craft.

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