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Thread: SS Wear Ring

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    SS Wear Ring

    Do you think it would be safe to put in a SS Wear ring and get the RR front engine mount ? Then over the winter get the triple bearing.
    I don't want to destroy my pump or have any driveshaft issues from doing a SS without the triple. If there is the slightest possibility I'm just going to do it all over the winter.

    I'm going to need to buy a new wear ring this season so I figured throw the money to SS.

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    I ran a SS wear ring for 30 hours or so without any problems before going to the modded pump.

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    In my honest opinion...if you do the front mount and ss wear ring you are BULLETPROOF. I think RED DEVIL is the only person I've seen on these forums that had a faulty stock bearing/seal. The purpose of the RR motor mount is to eliminate the drive shaft deflection caused by motor movement thus icreasing wear ring life. I think the stock single bearing is good enough so long as a person is careful in re-assembling their pump, making sure you have no leaks. Any milky oil in the cone can only mean a leak and cause for bearing damage. JMO

    Kinch...I plan on doing the same mods to mine and I really like the idea of having the Skat venturi nozzles, ss wear ring and the motor mount to keep things on the straight and narrow. If you really really really really want a kryptonic driveline...then get the triple bearing mod too

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