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    shuttle craft and 250x

    hey every one, i was just poking around on the internet and came along

    they seem like a good idea... same design as a tug and barge..

    does any one know if my 07 250x would fit in to there hull. ( worried about the front end getting smashed up etc.)

    does any one have any feed back about them positive or negative etc....

    if this thread needs to get move please let me know ... thanks

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    Checkout their Rail kit list on the link.
    I've had one for 4 years with and old SLTX in it and the ski barely gets it up onto the plane with 2 adults. I'm upgrading to a 07 RXT next week when the rails get here from Canada. It should easily push it around.

    If you have a family and enjoy going out togehter, their great.

    imo. Hope it helps.

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    If you look at the rail kits, it states N/A for the Ultra250x. I was also considering one too, but only if it came in bleeding red .

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    I found it... I know this works with the ultra250x, see the pictures... looks better too.

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    Why dont you get a boat instead if you want to roll that way?

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    Good could go crabbing with that.

    Not to sure about the trailer situation....looks like they got the 250X hangin' WAY off the back.

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