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    Have 2 2006 GP1300Rs...want em tricked out...dropped 6 g's last year...what to do?!?!

    Hello everyone...its about that time of year where I work on my skis to get ready for the upcoming spring/summer in a few months. Taxes etc are coming in and I want to have the motors done up completely for performance with an everyday rider reliability request. I was thinking of using 2 different shops to do the work and then doing a comparison of the work...however second thoughts make me not want to start a pissing war on here. Either way...let me know what you guys think...I really want this done right and I want to continue to rape the sea-don'ts in my area.



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    where are you located at? Thats what I would use to determine which shop to use. The closer the better.

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    In all fairness, its hard to say your going to have the work on each done by 2 different shops then compare.
    You can have both skis done buy the same shop, with the same exact mods, tuned on the same day and they still can ( most likely would )perform different--- one would be a stronger ski than the other, no doubt-- just the nature of the beast.

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    There is only 2 shops that i would go to Jims performance and WFO 0.2 cents

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