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    Pump Rebuild - Subaru Bearing???

    I was on the phone today with SBT inquiring about the impeller service since Im rebuilding my pump and the tech mentioned saving money on the bearing by using a subaru wheel bearing. Apparently it has the same cross reference number as the SD OEM and is a 1/4 of the cost.

    I searched this forum and did not see anything mentioned about this. Apparently folks in Flordia are buying them from NAPA and using them instead. Anyone know if this will work?

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    He told you WHAT?!?!?!?!?

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    its the first i hear of this, but nothing would surprise me

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    that wouldn't surprise me whatsoever either...

    matter of fact there's a whole debacle with those pump bearings and BRP... they have chronic backoprder problems on them... yet they are fully in stock... IN CANADA...

    something about industrial laws or unions or i dunno and those bearings and can't import them from Canada into the US and BRP has to have a separate parts facility inside of the US in order to distribute that bearing... i forget the exact logistics of it, it was an issue oiver the summer, a few skis sat un-operable for a couple months while the 4-tec pump bearings sat in stock in canada but on backorder for US people.

    nonetheless, like jerry said... it's new news to us, but would not surprise me in the least bit of u can find it somewhere else

    if u do, let us know!

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    IF you can get the numbers off of it, then most good part stores can cross it over to another bearing that they can get for you. But you need a good parts store, Not pep boys, advance auto, or autozone. I like parts depot (bumper to bumper). But go the the parts store that you local auto mechanic goes to. I have had several bearings and seals crossed over from all kinds of odd ball items and they have gotten me what I needed 98% of the time.

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    Most bearing dist will sell to the public. Stewart dean is a bearin co. I agree if you can get the numbers most of the time they can be crossed. Also there are different degrees of quality. The cheapo and the bad boys in quality. check that as well.

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    Did he mention the size of the subaru bearing? I am looking for a 52mm x 25mm axle bearing (width not important) and can't find sizes listed in automtive listings.

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