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    Kawasaki JS300 starting problem??

    I just picked up a 1987 Kawasaki JS300. It is in pretty good condition. There is one problem. I hooked up a battery and went to start it, but all that I hear is the starter turning over very quickly, but the engine is not turning over. I am going to pull the starter, but it looks like I am going to have to remove the complete exhaust. Does anybody know what could possibly be wrong? I am thinking either the starter, the starter clutch, or the starter gear, but I am not sure. Is the clutch and/or gear hard to replace? It looks like you have to remove the front of the engine case, but it also looks like you would have to remove the engine in order to get this front case off because the driveshaft is in the way. Any ideas?? Also, where can I get an aftermarket lanyard kill switch, as these older skis never came with those?

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    re starter

    I had a 300 with the same problem it was the starter clutch, it looked like it had just worn out and had too much freeplay in it... Now it was a few years back but from what I can remember you have to pull the motor and then the front off to get at it but the big kick in the ass was how much a new one was . It was more then what I paid for the ski!

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    You should be able to get it off by taking off the exhaust, it's pretty easy. The starter and the bendix are one piece, they don't come apart. If you need a new one let me know and I'll see if I can find an extra.

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    OK. I am going to remove the exhaust and pull the starter. I will try and diagnose from there. Maybe I can remove that front plate and kind of swing it around the impeller shaft to get to the starter clutch. Is the starter clutch easy to remove?
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    I removed the starter, and the teeth on the starter are all chewed up. I stuck my finger inside the hole of the engine casing where the teeth slide in to and I found that the gear inside of this casing is all chewed up as well. What gear is this? To better look in to the situation, I removed all the bolts from the engine mounts and now have the engine on its side. I went to pull that side case cover off, but after getting all of the bolts out, I could not remove the cover because the driveshaft connection needs to be removed. How do I remove this, with some type of puller??

    Thanks Again,

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    That is the flywheel and it sounds like youmight need a new one. The flywheel cover should come off and then you will need a puller to take the flywheel off. At this point you should go ahead and pull the motor, it's not that bad of a deal. You can replace the bendix in the starter but it is a pain in the arse and cost about the same as getting a new starter.

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    Here is a picture of the starter. The problem was that the teeth on the starter are all chewed up, and the idler gear it connects to inside the engine was all chewed up. I ordered a new gear, but now I have to find a new starter, because I know that my starter now will end up chewing the new gear up, as these teeth are all chewed up as well. Does anybody know where I can find a good deal on this starter? It seems that they are very expensive compared to other starters.
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    How does a 300 ride. I havent seen very many of them.. Do you have any pics of your 300???

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    i got 2 300's a js300 and a 300sx they ride fine not alot of power takes a few seconds to reach plane. but great to cruise on.Click image for larger version. 

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