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Thread: excuse the noob

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    excuse the noob

    I want to clean the hull of my 2 SL750's (thanks to Jabbas 1 soon to be a 780). They're on a trailer now (dual).

    What would be the recommended course of action to clean the hulls. The problem I see is not with the cleaning product, but more of how do I clean behind the carpet covered launch rails?

    Do I take them off the trailer and do it on the ground? (btw, I have searched and searched and I cannot find a weight spec for the 750's) Do I need some sort of a pulley system. Or can I just clean around them, then shift the hulls slightly clockwise or anti clockwise to get where they were covered with the rails?

    These are my first and I want them to be nice for the summer.

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    You can shift them on the trailer. Weight is aprox 550 lbs.

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