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    How do I remove the coupling on the driveshaft!?

    Hey everyone,
    I need to replace a gear that is strippe inside of my engine. This gear is causing the starter to slip. I need to pull the side cover off of the engine, but in order to do so, I have to remove the driveshaft coupling that comes off of the engine. How do I remove this? Do I need some type of special puller?

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    What motor are you talking about ? if your talking about the starter bendix you must pull the fly wheel .

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    It is a 1987 Kawasaki JS300, with the single cylinder 300. Is the flywheel the part that comes out of the engine and mates it with the driveshaft? How do I get that piece off then?

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    On the 1 cyl js300 the starter gear/1way starter clutch is behind the PTO coupling. Check the 1 way clutch for damage.

    You must hold the engine from spinning to get the PTO coupling off, they can be a major pia to remove. The coupling spins off. Some people put rope down the spark plug hole to 'jam' the motor from spinning, i like to use a flywheel holder when possible

    The flywheel is on the front of the crank. NO need to remove the flywheel to get the REAR cover off, to get at the starter 1 way clutch/gear.

    I wouldn't waste any money on a js300, do a upgrade to a 440/550 or a 650 they are cheap money now
    The js300 is anemic, not much fun for anybody full grown, a 80lb child just learning is ok...maybe.

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    OK. I will try to find some way to lock the engine to get the pto thing off. That is what I was trying to describe the whole time. Would a bigger motor just drop right in to my ski? Hmmm. I wonder if there are any that are drop in and go that will work with everything else that is already in the ski including the electrics and stuff. Any ideas??

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    Before I start hammering away the coupling, which way does it turn to come off, clockwise, or counterclockwise?

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