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    If you need any mods done to your RXP contact W.M.F !

    I had the Riva stage 1 done by Bill and I was impressed with the results of my RXP at 71.9 at 8100 rpms ! I just want everyone too know that he is customer orientated and he does great work !

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    Thanks Alot Mike, hope you enjoy the work we did, and you come back for more mods. Mike remember the RXP had a full tank of gas and was tested in light chop, so expect better #, Thanks again

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    dont expect those #s mid summer up this way ......and no that is not a knock on WMF.....

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    CRAZEDRXP, you are definitely right about numbers coming down in the heat ... It was around 74 degrees with no humidity when the ski was tested.

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