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    What a waste of a Sunday

    The weather here in Central VA bites, it just never fricken fails....Ya wait all week for that Sunday to go out riding after working all week, taking care of the yard on Thursday, bike riding with the kids during the week after dinner, going shopping with the wife at the mall and out to dinner on Saturday, swapping props, downloading the correct mapping for the controller, and getting everything just right during the mid week evenings, only to hear that an inch of rain and strong gusts of wind are ready to kick in the next hour or two. The last time I went to the lake with that type of forecast I got stuck out there waiting behind a long line of boats to get in, getting thrown around like a rag doll, and pelted with hail the size of golf balls. The weather always seems to be twice as bad at the lake. May as well go to Home Depot to see what sort of cool tools I can buy that I don't already have.......

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    Heh! I hear ya on that!, I`m having just the opposite, since my ski is still in the shop, O it`s been about 5 weeks or so, the weatrher here has been beautiful. 65-75+ degrees, you can rest assured that when I do get the damn thing back, the weather will turn to sh!t or I`ll be back working far away where I`ll have to make up for lost wages and work like a dog. So 2006 has been a real crap year so far!... ...PR...

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    60 and sunny here.

    Not heading out though, taking care of cleaning the house.(ok i might head out around 3)

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    Chillin' here.....the air and sea show is going on in Broward and sunfest in West Palm=lots of fights at the boat ramps!!

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    Sorry to heard this bro, this last sunday was a perfect day for us with a sunny sky and 90 deg air.

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    I may have lost out on Sunday but I am not missing out on tomorrows temps of a high of 72.....I plan on being on the lake by 11 a.m. I've got my priorities in order

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