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    Sport Port salt water splash suggestions??

    Happy New Year guys,

    I hoping to somehow solve the never ended 24/7 salt water splashing I get on the ass ends on my RXP/RXT. I spoken to Sport Port about designing an option that works somewhat like a splash curb that would fit on to the rear of their Sport Port models. I current use two 512’s with a 510 on the middle of the two for extra room. However they are dragging their feet so I’m throwing this out there because I’m sure there must be other SportPort users with the same issue.

    Possibly even something designed as a housing cover for the rear pump area would work as well that mount to the SeaDoo’s direct. I haven’t seen or heard anything mentioned before. Any idea or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I know the obvious “keep em on the trailer” would solve this however I really love the convenience of waking up and being on the water within a couple of minutes verses the trailer scene.

    If there is nothing invented yet maybe someone should. I’ll be your first customers.

    Many thanks as always,

    07 RXP/RXT stage 1
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