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    Mod 03GTX SC can beat stock 07RXT?

    Just like to know if I mod my 185HP can beat the stock 07RXT?
    if so how much $$ need to mod it to reach 215HP standard?
    Or just sell it get a 05RXT do some mod?

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    Probably $2,000 to get to where a 215 hp RXT is. My opinion is sell the GTX and buy the RXT or RXT-X.

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    My father's 04 GTX with a full Stage 1 is DEAD EVEN with a stock 07 RXT....Even after 1 mile @ WOT...*****this does not include the freebie mods of filled ride plate holes (on either)...

    Upgrades from the Riva power Filter setup to a 4" will help A LOT...along with an external IC also...

    HOWEVER, you are limited in overal mods and their effectiveness due to the low RPM's of the motor (7600's)...EXAMPLE, SC upgrades like a Greenwheel will not be fully utilized without the gain in RPM...

    Their is more potential on the RXP/RXT motor than the 185 units...But done right, a 185 will run very good and be very reliable...

    That 03 DOES have a funy exhaust system, and a different SC setup...First mod would be to upgrade the SC to a HD 06' shaft and metal washers, then work the exhaust setup...Also that plastic pump would need to get ditched in favor of an Aluminum one...

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