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    geting pumped up

    well im doing here and there mods over this winter ,

    for sure , carbon reeds, jet works vavle and 6 vein stator

    wondering what kinda mods you guys are doing ? even if its not polaris let us hear about it .

    if its in the cards , 1st f/a s , 2nd water box ( dont know how the boaters are gonna like it you know being kansas these guys dont have anything to do but fish )

    worst comes to worst a brand new crank

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    stevens point wi
    All I got on my polaris is:
    1.Pull motor
    2.Install stator
    3.Redo/Re-Route cooling from each cylinder to outside the hull
    4.clean inside
    5.Figure out a way to keep the R&D Power Plenum(flame arrestor) from coming off while riding.

    And install hydroturf seat and mats(If they still make them) for my seadoo, and find some hydroturf for the sl750. then im set!

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    since your a do it your selfer and you have 2 , need to buy a roll of it , just cut it out your self

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