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    no spark in my pro 785

    i previously had gotten some water in my electrical box and ever since i have yet to be able to get any spark in any of the three plugs. does anyone have any advice they are able to give me in terms of where to start or what i need to buy?

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    First, is the lanyard installed? Battery fully charged? Then check the stator according to the book. If that passes, then inspect the elec. board for corrosion. Including the bottom.

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    hey man I rebuilt my 785 this past summer and had a spark issue also.
    If it was water in the e-box i know its basic but check fuses and also try and get the ski to turn over by taking a screwdriver and bridging the solenoid terminals(hotwire).

    Water in the e-box can't bring anything good but I dont know if it would kill your stator. (300 new )

    Its not the end of the world you can change it out in a few hours, just have to pull the tank.

    Check that stator, fuses, and the hotwire and post your results.

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