hello all!
i don't post a lot...but i could sure use some help..

this is my 1990 kawasaki 550SX stamdup i bought about 2 years ago. i noticed towards the end of last summer it was getting a little slugish on heavy throttle, so it seems im ready for a carb clean/kit.

anyway here is the ski:

now...as u can see from the below pic, this is the carb i tried to take off so i could work on it and take it apart in the house.
please keep im mind im not terribly swavy with motors, i just saw 2 bolds that were holding the carb on, so i took them out but it wouldn't come off...do i really have to ptry it off? is it sealed with glue? whats the best way? or finally...am i doing something completely wrong?

before i go any farther i want to make sure im not doing something retarded, if i am, please be kind lol
here is the pic of the carb:

any help appreciated guys.
thanks again