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    Carb Help Please

    hello all!
    i don't post a lot...but i could sure use some help..

    this is my 1990 kawasaki 550SX stamdup i bought about 2 years ago. i noticed towards the end of last summer it was getting a little slugish on heavy throttle, so it seems im ready for a carb clean/kit.

    anyway here is the ski: u can see from the below pic, this is the carb i tried to take off so i could work on it and take it apart in the house.
    please keep im mind im not terribly swavy with motors, i just saw 2 bolds that were holding the carb on, so i took them out but it wouldn't come i really have to ptry it off? is it sealed with glue? whats the best way? or i doing something completely wrong?

    before i go any farther i want to make sure im not doing something retarded, if i am, please be kind lol
    here is the pic of the carb:

    any help appreciated guys.
    thanks again

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    PM one of the mods and ask them to move this to the general discussion section. It will get alot more exposure there and hopefully someone will have some answers for you.

    Good Luck!

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