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    how to ship a jetski across contry?

    Hi I just sold a ski that needs shipped any ideas or direction to send me. Any help from you guys I thank you in advance

    Take care and good luck


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    I am going to use this guy to get my ski shipped.(
    04gtxsc ) He has shipped a few GH members skis across country. The seller is crating my ski, then he will ship. Its going dealer to dealer though.
    If your going house to house, IT MIGHT be a little more difficult. Maybe others can chime in on shipping with no crate.
    His name is John, # is 888-864-7477

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    PM ph2ocraft. He knows of a really good shipper, (unishippers is the name I think), but Al would be able to give you the skinny on the place.

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    I had a hull shipped from Wisconsin to Toronto. Mind you it was empty so the weight was lower but the seller put a piece of carpet down on an 8 foot skid and strapped it down good then saran wrapped it.

    another way is to find a dedicated marine carrier. Here's a listing of a few I found

    of course that would be way more expensive. Keep in mind most carriers insurance on goods is $1 per pound so you might want to put in the extra carrier insurance.

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    John at Unishippers all the way!!!!
    He gets it done, keeps you in the loop and offers a lot of options.
    If you're patient he can usually find a little better deal as well.

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    I am sitting in the keys right now on vacation but can help if you need it. Figure 500 800 coast to coast. depends on weight and other factors.
    Robert at the office can help if you can't wait for me to get back.

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    GREAT!!!! Thanks once again, once I finish the deal I will contact John and have him work his majic! Take care and thanks again


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    iv always wondered how much it would cost to use one of those pod thing you see on tv ,

    just imagine how many packing peanuts you would have to use

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    Quote Originally Posted by 97sltx1050 View Post
    just imagine how many packing peanuts you would have to use
    I wonder what they would say at one of those UPS stores, I wonder how they would ship it?

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