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    VX Deluxe upgrades?

    Hey guys, my dad just got a 07 VX Deluxe, and he is already talking about buying aftermarket parts.
    What are the best parts to start him out on. You guys may tell me to get something else, but he liked the feel of this, so he got it.

    Do they make a rideplate the 'FF' plate and how about a intake grate?

    Thanks guys!

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    Hello Kevin PM sent.

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    Thanks Jim, I sent you one back.

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    kevin, replied back to your email

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    Nothing substantial for the VX...

    I love my 06 VX, but in reality, and after spending some nice $$ ,,you only may get 5mph more on the top if that,, the VX line is a great all around ski, for dependablility, and the best of all worlds, i guess itz like trying to mod out a cadillac, only gonna get so fast.. Thats why i'm actually lookin for a second ski a gp 1200 or 1300 reasonable, and let the family cruise the VX. I'm also not a super huge fan or 2 strokes, but thats another can of worms. Enjoy the VX as is......................

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