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    P.R. BRP Wins Dream Demo - FYI

    Sydney, Australia, January, 2008 – In October 2007 the Watercraft World magazine Dream Demo
    team tested the Kawasaki Ultra 250X, the Yamaha FXSHO and the Sea-Doo RXT-X and their report
    has been published in the January edition of WaterCraft World.
    The WaterCraft World editorial staff selected five riders based on applications and photographs
    submitted to the magazine.
    The editors were looking for riders with a variety of skill levels and various years of experience.
    They spent a week driving and testing the new 2008 models from Honda, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo® and
    The test team reported that the Sea-
    Doo® RXT-X easily posted the quickest
    acceleration times at Dream Demo
    reaching the 30 mph mark in less than
    1.5 seconds!
    In fact across the board the Sea-Doo®
    RXT-X out classed the opposition in all
    Top speed also proved strong, with the
    craft’s 67.2-mph beating all comers!
    And to cap off already impressive results for the Sea-Doo® RXT-X, the fuel consumption at WOT
    (8,040 RPM) was 4.4 liters less than the Yamaha FX SHO and over 13.2 liters less that the Kawasaki
    Ultra 250X!
    The Dream Demo team reported that apart from the superior acceleration, the RXT is the most fuelefficient
    craft in the Ultimate Performance Class.
    No other manufacturer offers a production watercraft with a complete high-performance package of
    this level, which sets a new benchmark in power, acceleration, handling and fun.
    The high performance X models deliver the industry’s best handling hulls and rider ergonomics, for
    precise, nimble performance, plus the new supercharged and intercooled 255 hp Rotax® 4-TEC®
    engine, for maximum power.
    This is the most powerful engine ever in a Sea-Doo® watercraft, and it retains Sea-Doo’s title for the
    industry’s best power-to-weight ratio.
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    The X models feature a race-style handlebar and steering system, and a special, low profile, high-grip
    seat, that combine to provide riders with maximum leverage for fine-tuning their riding position. The
    industry’s only Closed-Loop Cooling System is standard on all Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Closedloop
    cooling also keeps out corrosive salt water and debris, meaning you’ll be on the water more and
    in the shop less.
    RXP-X and RXT-X deliver the quickest acceleration ever offered on a production personal watercraft,
    able to travel 200 ft / 61 m from a standing start in under four seconds, comparable to the most exotic
    sports cars.
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    Nice post,

    that's why I ride what I DOO.
    it is good to know that BRP is still doing there homework and staying a step ahead of the compitition.

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    The Dream Demo performance ski tests appeared in the January issue of Watercraft World. They did not pick Sea-doo as the winner in this catagory. The next couple of issues will focus on the other skis tested at the Dream Demo. The Watercraft of the Year won't be picked until after these articals are published. No sense jumping the gun. IMO Yamaha will get the title, even though SD outperformed it in many areas. One more thing...they didn't test the new Honda at the Demos because none were available.


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    its good to own a doo

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    Do the DOO!!!

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