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    Boost Controller On Stock F-12x

    I Got A Stock F-12x (expect A Solas 17/29 Prop). I Was Wonder If I Could Boost The Already 13psi From Stock To 16 Or 17 Psi With A Boost Controller. And If I Do Will I Need To Upgrade The Fuel Ratio Or I Can Run The 16 To 17 Psi Safely (will The Head Gasket Pop). Wat Performance Will I See In The Mph's Department????

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    might trip an over boost..

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    Read Nitro's and Macboosts posts. It's not as simple as raising the boost limit. Apparently the turbo starts to put out a lot more heat above 13 psi and is effectively not efficient over 18psi.

    Running more boost than stock is going to require an intercooler, higher octane fuel, and may require some ECU piggy-back (see Macboosts module) to prevent from triggering an overboost.

    When you overboost, your ski will go into "limp home" mode.

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    i tried this, and they are right, you will get a "limp home mode". i just kept raising boost until i hit that mode. i didnt have a guage to tell me what psi i was at. . .bottom line is dont mess with it....get a macsboost module, and if your rich get the prop and IC.

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    Sure you can do it. I've been doing it with the Alpha Boost kit for 7 years. Run 16 - 18 psi boost on pump gas. You just need all the right parts to make it work.

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    just a boost controller will get you no further than 13 psi stock without tripping over boost.
    you need the alpha kit from jim or macsboost.


    I just bought a macsboost module for my new f12x i ride out of key biscayne since my ski is stored by rusty pelican. Im going to try it out tomorrow.

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