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Thread: rx 951 exhaust

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    rx 951 exhaust

    Ok i have a waterbox on the way from rotax racing. Does anyone know which water lines i should take off my stock pipe to do the bypass kit
    and the water line coming from the regulater ont he stock water box to the pipe is flowing from pipe to waterbox or waterbox to pipe

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    The bypass kit doesn't change any water routing, at least the one I'm thinking of. You are just bypassing the plastic baffles, correct?

    Water flows into the WRV on top the waterbox from one hose, through the valve and into the watebox, and also to the midpipe connection. Under wot the WRV restricts water to the midpipe to increase max rpms. If you look on the side of the WRV there are directional arrows stamped in the plastic.

    Hardjetting is a different story, but most never hard jet a 951 stock pipe.

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    welcome to the forum !

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    a racing waterbox for a 951, what other mods will you have. Wb are usually wasted cashunless yuor running a full blown setup, IMO


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    I lost 200 RPMs running a TDR powerspray waterbox on my 2000 RX had a rossier pipe, head, novi carbs, skat magnum pump

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    Agreed, The stock waterbox is actually a pretty good box and flows well. Not much to improve there.

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    You could have solved all those problems by putting in a 951 DI waterbox, works like having a jetworks valve on your ski and the water setup is the same. It increased my bottom and midrange. You can also cut the nose off the waterbox and retain your bottom and midrange and get a few more rpms on top end.

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