This post is driven mostly by curiosity, rather than current need. I suspect others would be interested in the information too. I may have missed it, but I don't think there is a comprehensive collection of this info posted.

From time to time I see comments about one Polaris CDI version or another, and what the timing parameters are for a particular part number. The knowledge is out there.

Has anyone assembled a chart or table of all the Polaris CDI, complete with the important differences?

The domestic and Fuji engines are of course different, and I think none of the CDI from one will work on the other.

I get the impression that some (most?) Polaris Fuji CDI had a stepped timing curve - at a certain RPM, the timing advance simply jumps. Which RPM this happens at, and how much the timing changes, is the kind of info I have not come across.

For the Fuji engines, the Pro785 CDI seems to be the preferred unit, if you are willing to change over the electrical box, etc to accommodate it.
Beyond that, I have no real idea how the other Fuji CDIs compare.

Programmable CDI - I read about them, but I have not come across the details on how this is done, what software is needed, and which engine/CDI versions it applies to. Is this for Fuji CDI only?