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    Hi.. New From The UK!!

    Hello All..


    I just brought a Polaris MSX 140.. Its a 2003, which i now know is a problamatic ski.. lol... Y?

    It has done 275 hours, on the same engine, all ways flushed, and no expense spared on the Ski.
    I got an amazing deal, $2000. (the pound is very strong!)

    Every shop ive spoken to said there is no need to rebuild the engine, till it goes pop, just keep on servicing it. Is this right, as i want it done for piece of mind, but they talk me around it>.?

    Im wanting to do a trip to France on it from the uk, Distance is about 80miles (Coast to Coast) So would my fuel last?

    Also, it was a late 2003, It has a black bottom, and a black seat, which i dont think ive seen another with, as they are normally grey.

    Anyway.. Hope to be part of the family!!!!

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    Sounds like a sweet ride, Welcome to the Green Hulk

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