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    question on 4 tec gtx

    I had my info center totally quit due to water getting inside,, this has happened several times, each time I had to buy a new info center. the last time this happened, I rode the ski for a few days while I waited for the new part to arrive. when I installed the new info center this time I noticed the check engine message flashing,, the ski was on the trailer running with the hose, it was not even warmed up, the oil was fine and the water level was fine,, when I checked for any fault codes there were none. I have looked at all the sensors, un hooked and reconnected the battery, but the check engine still flashes.. any one have an idea what to look for to get this to stop flashing?? it is a 02 gtx 4 tec non supercharged, thanks for any help you can offer.

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    How many hours?? Mine comes on automatically when maintainence is called for(every 50-100 hrs usually)

    How do you keep flooding the info center?? 4 years(240 hrs) and never an issue with water,not even condensation

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    I believe you are thinking about the maintenance warning,, that means nothing and is programmed in to the computer,, I am having the check engine light come on with no fault codes showing when I check.. this has never happened before so I am stumped,, even the factory service manual has no info about that particular warning. just thought someone may have had this happen and knows what to look for to fix it.. as for the info center on the early models it is actually a common problem,, water sits below the gages in the recess in the hood and gets pulled in if there are any hair line cracks in the seam,, the way to prevent it is to put a couple of small drain holes just below the gage in the hood to keep water from sitting there,, it happens if the ski is on the trailer and it rains or when you wash it with the hose after use. the newer ones have the gages up a little higher to avoid the problem.

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    my bad....i've had chk engine appear on my readout too, its always gone away after a few're right, it didn't give a code on my ski either....things are kind of squirrely...sometimes just resetting the lanyard solves the problem

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    I believe it may go away once I put it in the water and run it long enough for the computer to clear,, but I just wanted to see if anyone experienced this issue and if I should be concerned,, since the info center was not operating the last few times I used the ski,, it may have confused the computer, I also found a loose ground cable at the battery and that may have caused the check engine to be triggred but with the info center bad I would not have known,, one thing I noticed is the buzzer is not sounding when it displays so I doubt it is any serious problem.

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    OK I drove it for 30 miles yesterday,, ski is running great,, BUT the check engine is still flashing,, GRRRRRRRR,,checked every plug on every sensor and at the mepm,, still doing it.

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    Do you have a local dealer that can hook up the BUDS VCK and see what`s going on?...PR...

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    I spoke to a friend at the local dealer and he said it was a secondary issue like fuel pressure or fuel cap leaking but not any serious issue so I will take a look at that area..maybe a hose clamp is loose or something .

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    just to pass this along ,, I put about 100 hours on the ski with that stupid check engine flashing, finally had it checked and it turned out to be a bad cam sensor.

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