"For every action there is a reaction - think safety first"
KANALU K38 is proud to announce commencement of our 2008 community and occupational boating education programs and the launch of our Hawai'ian homepage dedicated to boating safety. Aloha!

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KANALU K38 Water Safety provides services for public safety agencies such as lifeguards, fire rescue, law enforcement training, Search and Rescue and or volunteer groups using Personal Watercraft (PWC). For reference, Personal Watercraft are referred to as Rescue Water Craft (RWC) for occupational use.
K38 provides PWC boating safety instruction for recreational boaters, working in partnership with the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC), and it's partners the Water Safety Congress (WSC) and others in reducing or preventing deaths or injury from boating related incidents. Kanalu K38 provides consultation and event management services for athletic programs and events, media relations or the film industry.
K38 trains federal agencies such as the USCG and special waterborne divisions of the US Navy and the USMC for the use of Personal Watercraft for safety, task force protection and counter terrorism. K38 and Kanalu K38 in Hawaii have affiliates in Japan, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, and the UK. K38 also works with the film industry for water related services. K38 is also affiliated with the American Watercraft Association (AWA) in partnership with their H2O Responder Membership and the award winning RIDE Magazine.
Course Background
The hands on courses offered by KANALU K38 are tailored to meet the needs of the recreational user, tow-in surfer, occupational advancement, and rescue/law enforcement.
The 'Kanalu K38 Way' of training is designed to offer students technical boat handling skills. These courses are physically demanding, students will learn in tier levels of skill sets that help create an optimum enabling comprehension of the operational needs and design characteristics of these unique small boats. Laws, rules, regulations, preventative maintenance, vessel/crew/gear considerations and role playing for real world conditions assist students in a comprehensive approach to PWC or RWC operations.
The courses are designed to improve the skills and knowledge of all PWC users and boaters in Hawai`i. KANALU K38 recommends you seek additional boating education advancement for personal and professional advancement, take a basic CPR and first aid course and have a strong swimming ability and the willingness to learn new methods and team building skills.

We provide classroom materials and Personal Watercraft for the practical training needs of our students. Students need to supply a properly fitted, sized and approved USCG approved lifejacket, appropriate water attire, protective footwear, water helmet, or recommended/required gear as directed by your operational need.
KANALU K38 recommends you contact the local USCG Auxiliary chapter and arrange to have your boat/PWC inspected and certified as meeting the minimal safety standards. National and State boating law requires that all vessels be properly outfitted to meet possible emergencies per specific waterway use.

National Associaton of State Boating Law Administrators

National Safe Boating Council, Inc.

Department of Land and Natural Resources/Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation, State of Hawai'i

The traditions and culture of the Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian) still live on in our history. This is a Native site dedicated to correctly educating those who play and work in the ocean that is and always has been our home

Kanalu K38 Instructors

Clifford Pake Ah Mow
Eric Kobayashi
Ipo Thompson
Shawn Alladio
Tom Pohaku Stone