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    Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic

    report: Santa Cruz's Replogle, Craft win Nelscott Reef Tow-in ClassicSentinel Staff Report

    Big waves showed up in force Sunday for the final rounds of the Nelscott Reef Tow-in Classic surf contest in Lincoln City, Ore. So did Adam Replogle and Alistair Craft of Santa Cruz.

    Replogle and Craft's surfing during the early rounds Friday afternoon and Sunday morning placed them in the middle of the field heading into the finals Sunday afternoon. The pair made the most of the many clean waves of up to 40 feet that rolled through, however, to beat out the team of Rodrigo Resende of Brazil and Yuri Soledad of Hawaii.

    Eraldo Gueiros of Brazil lost partner Carlos Burle after the first round when the The Big Wave Invitational in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest held at Waimea Bay in Hawaii went on high alert for Sunday [conditions ended up being too stormy to run the Eddie]. He picked up Everaldo Pato as a backup, and the duo took third. Osh Bartlett and Tyler Fox of Santa Cruz finished fourth and Homer Henard and Matt Rockhold of Santa Cruz were fifth.

    The 3-year-old contest went through some rough times this year. Half its contestants pulled out of the event after the bigger Maverick's Surf Contest near Half Moon Bay got the green light Friday. Then the swell came in later than expected for the Nelscott contest, which was supposed to be held Friday, allowing surfers to get in just one round that day. The rest had to be made up on Sunday.

    But Sunday arrived sunny and calm with frequent, clean 40-foot waves. Contest spokesman Adam Wagner said that made everything worth it.

    "There isn't a single person here who wouldn't say today was worth waiting for," Wagner said.

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    Adam Replogle and Alistair Craft pull off the win in 40 foot perfection

    LINCOLN CITY, Oregon, January 14, 2007 – The third annual Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic was held this weekend in perfect conditions off the Oregon Coast. Waves as high as 40 feet slammed the Oregon coast under sunny skies and windless conditions.

    Behemoth LLC, the contest organizers made the call last week to run the contest on Friday January 11, based on favorable forecasts from Friday and again on Sunday. John Forse, quickly becoming known for his ability to call the contest on the perfect day, made the right call.

    “When we woke up on Friday, the ocean was small and very windy, basically a worse case scenario”, said Forse. “Everyone was antsy, and we told them to hang tough it is going to get good.”

    And he was right on. By 1PM, the wind had died and the ocean had come up. By the time the event started at 1:45, the waves were well over 35 feet and still getting larger.

    “One set came through that was easily 50 to 60 feet on the faces”, said Shawn Alladio, the head of the K-38 safety crew.

    There was only enough time in the afternoon to hold the first round of heats, with the rest of the event on hold until Sunday morning. Right on cue, the ocean came alive at first light on Sunday, along with the rarely seen Oregon winter sun. For the second day, the contest was blessed with solid 40-foot waves and no wind. Also adding to the excitement of the second day was the sighting of an unwelcome spectator, a great white shark, in the lineup. Luckily, he was just watching.

    Making it to the finals this year were 2 Brazilian teams, Yuri Soledade/Rodrigo Resende, and Eraldo Gueiros/ Everaldo Pato. Also in the finals were the teams of Adam Replogle/Alistair Craft, Osh Bartlett/Tyler Fox, and Homer Henard/Matt Rockhold. It was a close finals, especially after Yuri Soledade’s crazy barrel on a monster scored a 9.5. But it wasn’t enough to hold off the years of experience Adam Replogle and Alistair Craft have at Nelscott. The results are as follows:

    Fist Place (44.75) $7500.00
    Adam Replogle and Alistair Craft

    Second Place (44.5 $5000.00
    Yuri Soledade and Rodrigo Resende

    Third Place (41.45) $2500.00
    Eraldo Gueiros and Everaldo Pato

    Fourth Place (39.77) $1500.00
    Osh Bartlett and Tyler Fox

    Fifth Place (38.63) $1000.00
    Homer Henard and Matt Rockhold

    It was a busy weekend for big wave events. Nelscott was called for Friday, Mavericks was called for Saturday, and The Eddie Aikau was on hold for Sunday, all forecasted with large swell. In the end, Forse called it right, with Oregon receiving the perfect combination of wind, weather, and the largest waves of the weekend.

    Organizers would like to thank the Chinook Winds Casino, Fringe Clothing, Liquid Militia, Banquet, The Westshore Motel, The Anchor Inn, Tao Productions, Nelscott Reef Surf Shop, Roots Brewery, K38 Rescue, Oregon Sports Authority, Tanger Outlet Mall, Legacy Films, and all the others that helped out with the event.

    Photos of the event will be posted shortly on the web page at <> .

    The Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic is the only tow in contest on the North American continent and Oregon’s only professional surf event. It is also the only tow in contest to be certified carbon free by

    About Behemoth LLC.
    Behemoth was started in 2005 for the purpose of promoting surf events at Nelscott Reef and other surf locations around the world. Founding member, John Forse, was the pioneer at Nelscott Reef and made his first attempt to ride the reef in 1995. Forse, along with Jim Kusz, safety coordinator for North Lincoln Fire and Rescue and veteran water rescue team leader, and Adam Wagner of Action Sports Northwest, operate Behemoth LLC out of Lincoln City, Oregon. Behemoth LLC organized and promoted the first annual Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic, bringing the sport of surfing to the professional level in Oregon for the first time.

    About TAOW-Productions
    TAOW is a modern marketing agency that builds authentic relationships between brands and their core user groups. Through their access and creativity, TAOW provides high-value experiential campaigns that are unlike traditional marketing solutions. For more information on TAOW Productions visit or call (503) 228-1134.

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    Nelscott Reef rescue gone wrong doesn't shake Shawn Alladio
    Sentinel Staff Writer

    Osh Bartlett eagerly seized the sled attached to Shawn Alladio's personal watercraft.

    Bartlett, of Santa Cruz, had taken a spill off the lip of an angry 30-foot-plus wave during the finals of the Nelscott Reef Tow-in Classic on Sunday in Lincoln City, Ore. With another monster wave fast approaching, he couldn't have been happier to see Alladio, the owner of the K-38 surf rescue team and an ace waterwoman. Alladio has rescued hundreds of surfers in her 46 years, and Bartlett seemed to be next on that list.

    "Let's go, let's go!," Bartlett yelled as soon as he grabbed the sled.

    But this time, Alladio had bad news for him.

    "I looked back and said, 'We ain't going nowhere,'" Alladio recalled.

    In her nearly 20 years of performing water safety, including patrolling most of the big wave surf contests on the West Coast, Alladio had never been knocked from her boat. That changed after her PWC died in the water Sunday. Yet even after getting dunked by four hulking waves in the frigid Oregon waters and, in the process, hitting her head on her boat, Alladio took it with a smile.

    "Anybody else would be freaked out. Shawn comes up and she's laughing; she says 'I'm awake now,'" said Steve Nichols of Pescadero, a contestant who watched the entire scene unfurl. "She was loving it."

    Alladio says she was about 8 and living near Carmel when she realized she wanted to work in the ocean. Ten years later, she started riding PWCs, or "boats" as she calls them, and in 1989 she began teaching water rescue. Since then, she and the K-38 company she started with her daughter Kyla has become the source of training and competitions for rescue agencies around the world.

    In addition, Alladio has become a safety staple at big wave breaks from Waimea Bay in Hawaii to Nelscott Reef to Maverick's near Half Moon Bay, where she earned renown for escaping a rogue 100-foot wave.

    "She trains the friggin' Navy Seals to do this stuff. She knows how to pick up surfers better than their own tow partners," said Jeremy Lee of Los Osos, who was training with Alladio on Sunday. "She's done this her whole life, and she's good at it, and she's gnarly."

    Part of what makes Alladio so good at her job is her attitude. She lives for adventure. When she's not making rescues, she usually can be found racing her boat in endurance rides. In fact, she said she recently set a world record for a solo 300-mile race around Lake Havasu.

    "I think we should all do what we're afraid of," she says.

    On Sunday, Alladio gave no indication she was afraid, even after her boat died. In describing the events of her rescue-gone-wrong, she breaks them down analytically, like a professor describing Newton's third law in action.

    First she saw Bartlett fall [He would later describe it as the scariest non-Maverick's wipeout of his career]. Then she noticed his tow-in partner, Tyler Fox of Aptos, wasn't in the right spot to pick Bartlett up, so she swooped in to get him. After the boat's engine sputtered to a halt, she yelled at Bartlett to get off — a command he didn't hear amid the roar of the waves. Then she turned around and saw the first of three waves crash down 20 feet behind her.

    "I decided at that moment, this would be OK," Alladio recalled.

    Mostly, she believed she would make it through because she knew the buoyant boat would be spit out by the wave. She couldn't have predicted the sled behind it would hit her first, knocking her helmeted head through the thin fiberglass skin on the boat's hull. At the same time, Bartlett lurched forward, smacking his jab and head on the boat's stern.

    "It looked like he'd taken some hits from Muhammad Ali," Nichols said. "His face was hamburger."

    Fortunate not to get knocked out, Bartlett took one more wave on the head before Fox pulled in to grab him. He had no major injuries, just a few scrapes that have since turned black and blue.

    But Alladio, who had been separated from her boat by the blows, would have to take two more, breathing in smaller pockets of air after each one. Aaron Bierman of Aptos, Nichols' tow-in partner, was able to reach her just in time.

    "It turned out good," Nichols said. "Osh could have broke his neck easy. Shawn could have broke her neck."

    But Alladio never saw it that way. She knows the risks, but she sees the hold downs and the whole experience as part of the adventure — and just one more reason to love her job.

    "It isn't as bad as I thought it would be," she said. "Everyone makes it sound like a death trap, but it's not so bad. And now I can use it in training class. Now I understand what the athletes go through."

    No matter how scary it was to watch, the wipeout at Nelscott Reef won't keep Alladio out of the water. When it comes to keeping surfers safe, she ain't going nowhere.

    Contact Julie Jag at [email protected].

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    My Perspective:

    I saw you go in for the pick-up and position your exit.....perpendicular to the whitewater.....the whitewater engulfed you both and after I did not see you eject forward, I knew you were down.....I looked over at Steve Nichols and yelled "Shawn is Down" and went in after you....I saw a second wave rolled the Jet Ski and so I knew where to position....By the time I got to you at least one more wave had rolled you both again on the inside....Tyler Fox and I arrived at the same time....I motioned Tyler to pick-up Osh and I came over to you....I recall asking if you were ok and you said...smiling....Of course....'that was fun'....You were and collective....In the interim I recall scrambling for a carabineer, with no luck, Richard suggested the tow rope and we proceeded to get you that.....of course that did not work... I recall Richard being a bit frantic and I remember saying 'Shawn is ok, lets just wait to hear her commands on what she wants us to do'.......finally, we ended up using the D-ring from my tow rope to hook to your bow line... We started pulling you out at the same time you were opening the bottom plugs and cutting the sled free from the Jet Ski.

    Once into the channel, Jeremy Hollis arrived and tow-rope was changed out to his ski....I took Richard and your rescue board in to the beach and came back out to help guide the boat in.

    Lessons Learned:

    Have hand knife readily accessible to cut items free....I suggest in the front compartment.

    Have at least three extra carabineers...different locations encase some are lost, discarded due to a roll.

    Have my bow-line inside the waverunners front compartment - not attached as my bow line to my waverunner.

    Have a Operators vest and a Towers vest.....Items on the Operators vest should have radio.

    Stay CALM, and continue to watch your surroundings....such as being pushed in to the inside sandbar.

    Lastly, I could have probably reacted a bit faster for the pick-up to you guys but I had a camera man on the back which limited my ability to approach quicker...

    What an experience..

    Aaron Bierman

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