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    High Speed Warning and Safety Thread

    I want to start a thread on the dangers of high speed...

    We all know that JD1 and his rider had a terrible accident....and surely know one knows how to setup better for high speed than that team does...IF it can happen to him than it can surely happen to us, probably much more easily...

    We know JD1 did all that was possible to be safe...but still accidents happen... WE owe JD1 and the rider a bit of respect and gratitude in that his accident MUST teach us, we as fellow enthusiasts must make it valuable, WE must make it meaningful to the masses... that is what I am asking of you all...God be with Josh and I pray he makes a full and speedy recovery...

    I would like this thread to cover the intake and pump issues/areas that NEED to be addressed on ALL high speed platforms, maybe one dedicated to each platform....there are many guys out there who will soon be running in the 90+mph range and we OWE it to the sport to be as SAFE as possible....

    This thread should cover ALL things that can be done to improve safety...please lets make this thread (or a similar one) a bulletin at the top of each Performance Sections of GREENHULK...!
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    Amen I don't think that 1/2 the guys doing these conversions realize the speed and injury potential that they are creating for themselves.

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    What happened to Dan? The BEST way to get ppl aware is to publize accidents when they happen and the cause. That's why they teach history....learn from others mistakes.

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