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Thread: servicing rxp

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    servicing rxp

    I have a 2006 rxp and I want to do the servicing myself. Where should I look to get the info on this. I don't really want to take it to the dealer for these things because I plan in keeping the machine for awhile. Is there a list of things that I need to have done at what hours? Are there any special tools that I need to buy?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Oil and oil filter every 30hrs. You will need a special pump to get the oil out of the ski. Kinda like this one

    If you stick with the stock delrin wear ring instead of going to the SS ring, you will need to replace it or rotate it 180* every 50hrs or less depending on how hard you ride, level of mods, and how shallow of water you run in and take sand thru the pump.

    SC slip moment check every 50hrs. or less depending on how hard you ride the machine and full SC rebuild every 100hrs. I recommend you send your SC to Jerry (Green Hulk) for this or you can do it yourself but you will need a SC tool kit and you will find them here

    I'd recommend swapping plugs every 100hrs too. Opinions will vary on this, but I still have the stock plugs on my ski (75hrs. on them) and have gone thru 3 winterizations, and are still working great. Also depends on the plug you're using. Iridium plugs like some guys are using last a long time.

    BUDS system reset. You can not do this on your own. Peridically your display will read MAINT. This means you need to take your ski into a dealer so they can hook it up to their BUDS system. If you don't want them to do the scheduled maitenence for those hours, just tell them to clear the MAINT and you will do the work yourself.

    Others will probably add more too. I don't have my manual CD with me right now, but it lists what maitenence need to be done at specific hours.

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    RXPKID gave you some solid information. Also keep an eye on your engine coolant. You should change the coolant every 100 hrs. I would change it at 75 hours, but that is just me. To change you remove the pressure cap on the tank. Under rideplate remove allen (5mm??) and drain. Than refill w/ 50/50.

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    WOW.... Nice posting RXPKid.... Way to go

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    Oooo, I almost forgot. I think the carbon seal is a wear item too. Not sure on hours, etc. and what needs to be done, but from the horror stories I've read you don't want it going out. Jerry almost sunk his ski, I think a couple went out at MB last year, and others. I want Jerry's driveshaft to come out so I can just say [email protected]*# the carbon seal all together.

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    thanks for the info

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    I try to replace my oil and filter every 15 hrs.

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