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    Exclamation hello guys!! bone stock tuning????

    i am chris from germany and i need some informations about rxp tuning...i need an massive speed acceleration out of thre hole...because we have only small closed course racing areas.. but engine power is coming up in this mail i want to know can i do some modifications on the body to let the rxp having a better performance to the water(rideplate, holes, skegs ,opas outtake? why...i saw some videos from full modified (carbon light weight crafts )who look more nervous and become dancing at high speeds on choppy conditions than stock boats..i saw guys with extreme wide handlebars who were shaking their elbows in the air but the boats didnt move aroud the corners i use a umi system ....are wider or shorter handle bars better to ride around corners?? is removal of the reverse bucket a good idea??i don t need it..does somebody have some knowlege about hull tuning( custom rear seat air intake)?? i want a good performance hull and rideplate before starting to build up a next generation monster engine(power is nothing without control!) please let me know what do you think...thanks guys ...see ya!! i go wrenching out the engine..

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    Wow only two posts since 2006... anyways I think you miss the right part here: It all depends how much are you willing to spend on your mods, how fast you want to go, and what type of racing are you looking to compete in. Apart from what I just said I think you have the right mind setting and knowledge. Just ask the pros here they should give more details... (hope this helps)....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP300 View Post
    Wow only two posts since 2006...
    it shows he is good at absorbing loads of info... possibly

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    custom intake

    Can someone help me with this. I've never worked on any marine engines or anything. I've done some easy things on cars tho. I wanted to see how possible it is for me to make and install my own intake. I have the machine to bend the piping so that isnt much of a problem. I just need help and tips on how to do the actual work.

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    You don't need a machine to bend tubing when making your own intake.

    Don't take this your friend.

    There's more than a few examples.

    I just noticed your post count.

    Belated welcome to the forum.

    The best bet for an rxp is riva's rear air set up. If you're gonna run in salt water you probably want to fabricate your own 4" front intake.
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    well id go for some nice chrome piping most likely. but where would i get some of these examples? i've looked around and havnt found any. and for the rear intake, is that one just as easy to make? and yea i mostly ride saltwater too.

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    Look up a post by....OU812...I think.
    The rear intake was easy enough for me to do(RXT)....and I'm just an ignorant backwoods country boy.

    The riva (rear air for RXP) though fits as 'bout as good as it's gonna get
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