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    Results of PWC Survey

    Attached are the results of the PWC survey performed between Jan 21 to Jan 29, 2008 this forum and It's very interesting. A total of 119 people around the country and a few outside the US responded, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I originally intended this for the Northern California audience, but I appreciated everyone's input.

    This survey was a little Project I made to satisfy my interest about fellow PWCers and how each of us faired on our hobby.

    If there are some sales rep out there, this may interest you on some items you may wish to stock or what audience to focus on. I have other ideas on market surveys so PM me if you need a survey consultant.

    Also, for the average joe pwc'er, at least you can use this and say to your wife or gf:
    • "you see, 45% of people spend more money than me".
    Or from a marketing perspective,
    • "Hey 40% of people would like to watch a PWC event and the other 60% is interested in participating".
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