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    Solo touring

    I'm currently working on a Recreational Boaters Risk Management project for the Coast Guard. We are looking at three basic types of users: Buddies, Families and Solo boaters, primarily because the risk management dynamics are different for each group. It occurred to me that I've never gone boating by myself; always with the family or my hunting buddies. Oh sure, I've taken the Zodiac ashore and even wandered off a bit with the PWC, but never spent an overnight or two solo.

    So, I've decided to do a solo trip (tried talking the wife into letting me take the big boat, but she thinks that I'll get a better 'experience' if I solo on the Jetski....wife wins!)

    Since it's about 4 degrees and blowing 20 knots outside right now, I think it would be a good time for some planning.

    I think I'll ride from Juneau to Petersburg (or Wrangell) and back. I have no problem with the trip planning, navigation and gear. My 'inexperience' lies with not having someone along. My question is, "How will I deal with only myself to rely on?" Who (out there in forum land) has done any remote solo trips? What do you find yourself doing that you might not do with others around (like talking to yourself, playing music very loud, etc.)?

    I'm planning on doing one of those "Survivor" videos and taping myself along the way to see if my mental capability diminishes or if I'm really one of those guys that can get along just as well any rate, it'll be interesting to watch myself on the video when I return. This will be a truly solo trip; no human interaction except for fuel stops in Petersburg. I think I'll go in April or May when the bears are on the beaches just to make it interesting!

    I'm thinking about taking one of my Ultra's without the radio &, maybe not. It'll be fun to develop a route and gear list. I'll post pics as I plan this and see how everything comes together. Mike

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    AK Mike, I think this is an outstanding idea to make video. Will you have helmet cam? I'm thinkin Baer Grillz style show, but you have to be ready to eat dead animal carcass or wild uncooked salmon!

    I ride solo frequently for full days on Puget Sound but rarely overnight. I find it very relaxing even though I have to be very vigilant. I like to explore but know many of the coves, beaches, sandbars etc. I do have great times riding with friends too but they seem to lack enthusiasm until height of summer!

    I think you have a good start with eqipmt checklist on Touring thread. You may have to continue to contribute to both! I just got a SPOT Satellite Messenger which allows 3rd parties to verify location or to receive distress signal off internet. Maybe something like the SPOT defeats your purpose though!

    This sounds like a real adventure but I hope you are extra careful. I think Id carry EPIRB, SPOT, GPS, VHF, DSC, Aerial Parachute Flares ,12 Guage Flares, bicycle bell etc etc. Maybe you can just keep goin south til you hit Puget Sound. Best of luck with planning and I hope to ride with you sometime this summer either here or in AK!

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    Hi Mike. One of our ride buddies have done a couple of long range solo trips. Less risk in our region since we're surrounded by myriads of islands.
    100% not advisable to do solo trips on totally open waters.

    A few pointers on solo treks:

    -Bring an ipod(w/ h2oaudio case).

    -if you plan on bringing plenty of gears to secure on your PWC, make sure that you can still right it back(considering the extra weight of fuel tanks tied,etc) on your own if ever your ski rolls over on rough conditions.

    -Emergency gears like satellite phone, gps, and smoke flares should all be stored on your vest in case the worst happens.


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