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    AWA - K38 H2O Responders -Charities for 2008

    AWA - K38 H2O Responders - Charities for 2008


    The featured vid on the AWA homepage is one my daughter Kyla put together for the Rigg Challenge, one of our charities K38 supports for the Higgins and Langley Memorial Awards for Flood and Swiftwater Rescue, out of four. We also support and the Alysa Ruch Burn Foundation.
    I was the recipient of one of the commendation awards for the work conducted in New Orleans in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina floods, we are a staunch supporter of these international awards recognizing the efforts of those who serve under these conditions.

    These are our collective charities between K38, H2O Responders, and we will be naming one for Hawai'i through our new company Kanalu K38....

    We've begun compiling projects for 2008 for K38, a surf contest, beach clean ups, adopt a highway section, and in association with fire service personnel, taking children/burn victims surfing/riding, and sponsoring a Jr. Lifeguard program.

    This year the Rigg Challenge will be held in Hawai'i at our K38 International Summit in December. The video you saw was our introductory teaser. We had a lot of fun, we camped at the beach for two days with everyone, bon fires, barbecues (too much food) and just a lot of family and friend 'business'. We'll probalby do one more of those here again in Santa Barbara sometime this year if things are favorable for timelines.


    The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation derived its name and inspiration from an eight-year-old child, Alisa Ann, who was fatally burned in a common backyard barbecue accident.

    Founded in 1971, the Burn Foundation works in partnership with firefighters, educators, and burn care professionals to develop innovative programs and services.

    There are 1.25 million burn injuries each year in the United States. In California alone, each year 10,000 people are burned severely enough to require medical attention; 4,500 are children. Recognizing that prevention education is essential to avoid the agony of burn injuries, the Burn Foundation has produced a variety of innovative prevention materials and programs that are distributed throughout California and all over the world.

    The Burn Foundation's survivor assistance programs are designed to relieve emotional suffering, create opportunities for socializing, and help build the skills necessary to cope in a society that highly values physical appearance.

    Frog Friends

    The United Warrior Survivor Foundation focuses on serving the unmet needs of the surviving spouses of Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel thereby complementing the aid provided by other organizations primarily dedicated to the needs of the children.

    In addition to providing for the families of SOF personnel killed in the line of duty, UWSF also strives to assist living SOF personnel by providing the reassurance that their families will be cared for should the worst occur.

    With the United States’ continued commitment to fighting the war on terrorism, and as these units continue to serve in harm’s way, so the need for UWSF’s services will continue to increase.

    We ask you, our fellow patriots, to help us establish the financial resources we need to ensure the availability of necessary services and support to ALL the surviving spouses of our Special Operation Forces heroes. DONATE
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