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    few prep questions for summer 2008

    A few newbie questions.

    I had my 06 RXP on the water for the first time last summer. many thanks again to shibby and crew for the metal washer install. I used the ski primarly in salt water and after my rides, i washed and lubed the ski generously.

    After i had winterization its sitting in my garage, however i did not disconnect the battery. I have about 22 hours on the machine and i did not change the oil last summer. When i get my ski prepped for the summer, are there any extra precautions i should take or things i should ask the dealer to do? I just want to make try to lower my chance of any unnecessary trips to the dealer

    Thanks for your help.

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    Ray... we've been playing phone tag forever huh, and we still haven't caught up. Hope you been well man. we gotta meet up one day, grab a couple drinks or something.

    disconnect that battery and shop online for a cheap battery tender or trickle charger... you'll greatly extend the life of that battery, and they aren't cheap to replace... if u keep that battery fully charged u'll be ready to go for summer time.

    did u ever get a 10 hour service done or never got around to it? ... if not i'll take care of it all for you in the spring if u want so u dont need to make a dealer trip and drop $200+ bucks

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    Hey steve

    Yea man, its been a while. I did have the ten hour service done at the dealer, so right now everything is running good. I will disconnect the battery this weekend.

    Give me a call or drop me a text. We should try to meet up on a friday or something.

    Lets do a ride in late april or something. I can drive out to long island and meet you. I know last summer you were finishing school and my company relocated to the city, so things we pretty crazy, but we gotta catch up for sure. I hope you will have an RXP-X i can test drive.

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