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    o3 GTX Limited SC problem 1502 code ??

    Hi from West Australia

    Jetski shows sensor on inserting key and when reading codes it is 1502 which we are told is mercury switch.

    The ski will start and run but after a short time it starts to splutter and die and will cut out and sometimes won't start then after a few minutes it will start but only run to about 5,000 rpm then splutter and die like it has fuel starvation but fuel pressure is 50psi on inserting the key and when running the motor.

    Any help would be appreciated



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    o3 GTX Limited SC problem 1502 code ??


    We found the problem was the mercury switch which is part of the TOPS system.

    We checked fuel pressure and delivery and tested the tilt switch and all seemed fine.

    We made a jumper plug to bypass the mercury switch and the ski runs perfectly well notwithstanding the TOPS system is not operating.



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    The problem has returned with the tilt switch bypassed so maybe time to leave Seadoo behind and find a more reliable manufacturer.

    The main problem is the arrogance and lack of service from the local distributor.

    Wouldn't buy a CanAm atv for the same reason.



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    wafarmer, some people have had problems with the TOPS system
    there is probably a standard fix to resolve it, try contacting better dealers in your area, or even further away, simple part swap is probably all you need. can order on the telephone.
    all skis have some issues, most dealers all suck.
    SEA DOO skis are usually top of their categories for performance, but are a bit more touchy in the maintenance dept.
    but plenty of kawi and yami owners have issues too.
    you need to find some more info on this site and do a search or two...
    somebody i am sure has had the same problem and fixed it.

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