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    Is this the flame arrestor??? Take it off?

    On the '96 Challenger 787 motor is this the flame arrestor and does removing it really improve performance? If so, what are the drawbacks of not having the the flame arrestor installed?
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    FYI! it is a USCG mandated item

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    Quote Originally Posted by PilotSmith View Post
    On the '96 Challenger 787 motor is this the flame arrestor and does removing it really improve performance? If so, what are the drawbacks of not having the the flame arrestor installed?
    IYes that is the flame arrestor, and if you want to get better flow to the engine you will need aftermarket F/As and will need to rejet the carbs to take full advantage of the improvement.

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    I doubt I will mess with it as the boat has enough speed now to keep the kids happy. Typically what does an aftermarket one cost and what would one realistically expect to see in performance gain on a boat? If I got a good boost in gas mileage then that would be cool. But for a 1mph boost in speed I wouldn't think we'd notice the difference.

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    not sure on yours for performance but the aftermarket f/a's allow more airflow so you can use more fuel so you go faster! they are kinda pricey and open you up to easier water ingestion if you get water it the hull and like darth said you need to richen it up via jets or adjustments to use the extra air

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    I wouldn't just remove it....they don't call it a flame arrestor for nothing...!
    Inside the hull...this is the last place you want a flame to show up...try to imagine the reason...

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    i would just leave it as it is. my dad put after-market flame arrestors on his XP and he said it was a pain to get the carbs realigned. and that was on a jet-ski. imagine doing it in a boat with a 2 foot drop to the engine . one thing i say is, "If it works, leave it alone."

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    There's a good write up on the 14.5' jetboats over on Group K's site...I don't have link handy, it's under the tech articles.

    The author makes the point that the OEM arrestor provides and extended and stronger "signal" at the carb jets that gives much better performance than freer-flowing aftermarket arrestors...and that it does a better job of attenuating intake noise, as well.

    It's a good document...spend some time over there and look it up.

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    Cool, thanks for info.

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