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    F-12X to replace Virage TX?

    Hi Guys, looking for your thoughts and suggestions;

    I have a 2000 Polaris Virage TX (1200cc 3 cyl carb) that has served me well. I enjoy the hull and design of my Polaris and am concerned about losing the "fun to ride" factor with the bigger performance boats on the market.. (some are a little too stable for my current tastes

    I ride on rivers and lakes. I need the three seater primarily for handling the waves on Lake Superior.

    I want a boat that has decent hull action, handles well on bigger water, and has above average performance.

    Is the F-12X a good option?

    The numbers I'm getting on new, in the crate boats are:

    2006 $8495
    2007 $9495

    Any tweaks or differences in the 06/07/08?

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    2008 Kawasaki 15f Lists At 8099. Best Buy Around.

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    Thanks Joe, I've started reading up on the 15F, looks like it might fit my riding style and pocket book too Time to head to a Kawi dealer and look a little closer.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!!!!!!! I too had and still own a couple of Polaris. I think you will love the Honda!!!! Very dependable, and very fuel efficant, but not the fastest or the driest ski out there.

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    the 15f msrp'd at like 9399 last year. That big a price drop makes it hard to beat on a new 08, not leftover previous year model. Plus I imagine it will keep value better.

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