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    Removing Exhaust Clamp - Help

    2003 GTX SC -- removing SC for rebuild... can'd get the damned clamp off that compresses the joint between the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe

    - took off the nut and attempted to spread it open
    - tried penetrating lube -- no luck
    - tried heating -- no luck
    - tried beating with hammer and wood block before and after lube/heating -- no luck
    - tried beating the lower seat where the bolt bottom piece is seated -- no luck

    Anyone know how to get this thing off short of cutting it off? The dremel is ready...

    I understand that you move the nut far enough to drop the bottom out of the bottom part of the clamp and the bolt piece comes out... got that -- read the posted instructions in the help section -- just can't get the damned threaded piece to move through the housing...

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    It takes a lot of struggling but it will finally come out, i had to pry it out a bit for it to loose grip on the mounting surface....when suddenly it gaved up and unlocked from the place...pain in the ass to remove it...

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    I had the same problem. mine was the threads had sealed or gotten stuck in the T clamp housing. I just used a small flat head punch with rubber mallet and eventually it broke loose. I used some wd-40 and maybe some brake cleaner. It will take some time bu it will break loose. I first thougt is was the clamp no opening but if notice it will move some and after you get it off you will see what I mean.
    I assume it is from the fact that it has never been removed and it just seals up some what.
    I would not ruin it as if you do, I magine it would have to be ordered and probalbly not a normal use part.
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    Just pry on it with a flat head punch like skoepp stated or a flat head screw driver. Most likely its a combo of corrosion and from being on there for a long time. It will come off don't cut it. Also try to avoid stripping any of the threads on the bolt.

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    Thanks all -- I'll be persistent

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