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    Check your intake grates and bolts

    It's been said a thousand times, but I'm going to remind everyone to check your grates and bolts every time you ride. This does not just apply to 75+ mph skis. Grates and/or bolts have broken on sub-70 mph skis too.

    The saga of broken grates is well documented, so I won't repeat it. Last weekend Brandon (97GPSLEEPER) discovered a 1 inch crack in his grate after very little use.

    My suggestion is this: buy a box of ultra-high strength intake grate bolts and put them in your shop. After every ride, remove your grate and inspect it carefully under a strong light. The cracks are sometimes very subtle and cannot be seen unless under strong light. Replace your bolts every other ride, and use the proper torque. This means buying an inch/lbs torque wrench, not using your lb/ft torque wrench that only goes down to 10 lb/ft and twisting it a few more turns.

    We spend so much money on performance parts for our skis. We should be willing to spend $10 on a box of good bolts and $50 on the proper torque wrench.

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    Great advice!
    For years this is on our pre and post operations checklist.
    We also inspect the pump/liner/guide veins and intake screen.

    Especially for us in field work, running in shallows, rivers or nearshore zones, it doesn't take much pounds per pressure on an impact from surge against a fixed object, let alone at speed to put enough inertia on one point (bolt) of intake screen and start the process of 'wobble'.

    We also ask students to use caution/care with the steering nozzle, as it can back into a fixed object, (you don't have to be underway) and break/crack/fracture the nozzle, even metal/plastic.

    Thanks for posting!

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    You can find your metric stainless hardware here. I usually buy it by the x100 or by x1 depending on what it's for.

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