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    Any Jetboat with 2.5 deg pump wedge...?

    I was wondering if anybody here ever tried a Jetboat with a 2.5 deg pump wedge...? I don't know, maybe that could help a bit...?

    What do you think would be the best benefit for that...? Would it help to raise the nose a bit on the Jetboat for less drag (top speed) ? Or would it make it worst than before...?

    I'd like to find an used wedge so i'd be tempted to try it out, if anybody find one let me know, i'd like to try it just to see if there is any benefit on a Jetboat.

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    Not I, the closest I've come is to change the angle of the steering nozzle. If you look at the bolt at the bottom of the nozzle, you'll see that the bolt insert can be flipped around to allow the jet to shoot five degrees upwards. Not exactly like the wedge, but can give you an idea of the effect. I didn't like it; it added no speed and the boat handled weird.

    I'm not sold on the wedge idea. In an aircraft, if you increase the angle of attack, you get more drag. With the wedge, maybe less hull is in the water, but the hull that is, would be at a much more unfavorable angle. Plus, it would seem that more water would get loaded into your pump to the point of overload. I'd love for you to prove my theory wrong, though, and be able to report back with a way to get a another mph outta these suckas!

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