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    Question 01-03 951 Di changes

    I have a 03 RX that I sent the original engine off to be rebuilt, unfortunately it appears that I sent it to a no good thief.

    Regardless it looks like I am going to have to replace this engine. My question is will a 01 GTX 951 DI engine work (electrically)?
    The problem is in 2003 Sea Doo changed the head, injectors and MPEM on the 951 DI engines. The engines have the same base timing.
    Can anyone confirm what the reason was for these changes were?
    Can I run the 01 head and injectors with the 03 MPEM all connections are the same my guess it has something to do with fuel grade octane levels?

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    I don't know %100% but the big change was from 01 to 02.. I've owned them both.. The 01 requires premium and is different timing and fuel maps..
    02 went to different fuel and timing setting electronically and used regular fuel and is supposed to be 30% more fuel efficient..
    So.... I think 02-03 is interchangeable but NOT 01-02 or 01-03

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    who was the thief, post up so we can avoid him...

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    If you sent it to sbt you were robbed of all your good parts?

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