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    2004 MSX 110 revving up when starting?? Help!

    Just bought a 2004 MSX 110 with 72 hours on it. Ski is in really good shape, but I got it home charged the battery and when you start the ski it revs up right away. Put the ski in reverse and start, then revs to the 3500 rev limit. Don't know anything about Polaris jet skis. I am somewhat mech inclined. What should I look for? Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!! That sounds about right if starting it out of the water.

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    I did some testing on the ski. I took the plug in off the throtle motor and then started it up and it idled fine. Then I hooked it back up and took the plug off up where the throtle cable changes over to the electrical box, it still reved up when I started it. Does this mean that the throtle motor is bad and going into wide open mode when it starts??

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    Like all EFI units this to has an enrichment mode should the engine see a cold temp reading to the computer. As rodney had stated this is normal. Also running it out of the water the unit has no load on the pump so first starts will rev up. The factory told dealers that the unit should be in reverse if out of the water and only run for 30-50 seconds to check the oil level. Even if you had a flush kit on this model it is hard onthe pump bearings to run them for long periods of time. Leave your ski alone. Check your oil level and have a fun time.

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    Thanks for the info. I talked to another dealer and he said the same thing. I have just never been around a ski that acted like this. I feel beter about my purchase now. Just have to wait for the ice to melt to use it.

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