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    Decision 08 Final

    Well guys, I made up my mind today and decided on the Red 250x. They are bringing one in on a crate as I didnt want the floor model from a neigboring sister dealer. I was gonna wait and see what the yamaha looks like but they gave me the deal I wanted so I went for it. I didnt like the yami front end anyways. Any issues with the 08's yet? I am seeing the first mods should be wedge and ride plate. I dont want to affect the rough water handling though as I ride moslty in heavy chop in Gulf of mexico.

    Guess I have to change my screen name now.

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    Congrats bro! Its a great rough water hull!

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    Welcome to the league of gentlemen.......thats the 250x league of gentleman....ya won,t regret it....

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    Thanks guys. Here is my new screen name! She comes in the crate in a few days. Cant wait!!!
    Here is what I will be pulling her with. Hmm, color matched.

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    Congrats Red08, I remember how carefully you were weighing your options. I will enjoy reading about your adventures in Gulf of Mexico!

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    You'll be amazed at how well the 250X goes through the rough stuff. As most of the offshore guys will tell you, nothing will hang with the 250X
    in the rough. Be carefull which ride plate you put on. The Riva will take away some of the rough water traits of your ski. It's more of a speed plate. You may want to consider the 1 degree R&D wedge and not the 2 degree. Check out Socaloffshore's website. He has a ton of offshore riding stuff on there. Man that's a bad ass truck you got there. What's under the hood? Did "Cactus" Jack Roush do his thing on that motor?

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    Thanks for the tips. Yeah from what I have been reading sounds like the 1 degree wedge is perfect, and I should wait for the R & D rideplate.

    The truck is nothing special, just roush stage 1 package, but I love it, and it will look good pulling my red and black color coordinated ski. lol.

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    Since your not far from me you can always drive her over to Orlando to have me put some punch in her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skips313 View Post

    Since your not far from me you can always drive her over to Orlando to have me put some punch in her.
    I might take you up on that skip!! I am used to a GTI so it will allready be quite a difference for me.

    BTW, do I need to do anything about the ole GIO thing or has that been addressed at all in the 08's?

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    So far so good. It seems that the 08 are not suffering from this issue.

    In 07 we were plauged with several first year issue as do alot of new toys.

    The ventalation on 08 is alot different then an 07. Still if your going to put more boost then you will need the kit but the stock machines seem fine.

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