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    2005 rxt

    Instead of trading my ski in for the rxt-x, I have two people interested in buying the ski from me instead. Its a 2005 rxt with just over 100 hours and all it has done is the riva metal washers, BOV, and the stock resonator is out. It has some scratches and one small chip. Also you can tell the silver section has been repainted, the dealer told me its hard to match seadoo paint, but it was done before I purchased it. Other then that the outside is in real good shape. Please let me know what you guys think....thanks

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    Trading your ski may not get you the most bang for your buck. It would also depend on your situation and what the circumstances are.

    You will(in most cases) get more money selling it outright than trading. The dealer needs to make profit on her so he is going to low ball it a little bit(obviously).

    But then you need to take in to account what you could do with the trade. If your trade is included in a purchase of the X then you could play with the margin and work both the margin they are using considering the amount they will get selling your ski and the money they will get selling you the X.

    If something happens to the ski following the sale, the private buyer may come after you for retribution, whereas the dealer is less likely to come after you for a faulty used ski....

    As tricky as it is, and trying to not piss off everyone involved, see if you can get concrete #'s off all three potential buyers. Negotiate hard core with the dealer including a sale of an X and test the two buyers. When the dust settles, choose the best deal.

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    thanks for the info....I actually just sold it to my cousin for 6k...thanks

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